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W-DDB Wood Fitting Dog Door

Additional Info

  • Flap Size: 320mm x 270mm
  • Overall Size: 400mm x 355mm
  • Application: Wood Fitting
  • Pet Size: Med - Semi large dogs
  • Material: Brown Plastic

This wood fitting dog door suits medium to semi large dogs. It fits panels of wood, metal and pvc construction from Wood fitting from 5mm – 37mm ( 3/16" – 1 29/64").

This pet door has a weather seal flap to reduce draughts. All screws are stainless steel, avoiding potential rust stains on door panels. Four way locking dials allow, the owner, flexibility with the pets movements. This door also includes an additional clip on security panel.

This pet door is simple to install for a capable home handyman.

  • Generous flap size.
  • Self Lining
  • Manufactured from ABS with a virtually indestructible polycarbonate flap.
  • 4 way locking with an additional clip on security cover.
  • Simple to keep clean.
  • Brush weather seal to reduce draughts and enable a smooth quiet action.
  • Self closing flap with magnetic location.
  • Can be installed by the home handyman.
  • Wood fitting from 5mm – 37mm ( 3/16" – 1 29/64")

400mm x 355mm (16” x 14 3/16”). Template supplied for cut-out

To purchase this wood fitting dog door please contact us using the form below so we can put you in contact with your local supplier and installer, who can best meet your needs.