Testimonials are a few of the wonderful emails we get about our Pet-Tek Pet Doors.

Angela Heppleston


I installed the MM Cat Door on Friday after work, I have to say it was very easy to remove the old standard cat door & replace it with the MM Cat Door. Our cat has taken to the door with ease. It's was a bit weird for him to begin with as he was used to just running & jumping at the old cat door. He realises that he will get in so has just kept at it and can make it thru in the first or second go now.

It has stopped the neighbors cat coming into our house and eating our cat's food & SPRAYING everywhere. I have heard a thud when the other cat has tried to enter but it has been over a week now and there is no sign of the other cat. It has worked exactly how I had wished. Thank you for your help.

Michelle Riley


I've ordered the catflap in my husbands name (he's got the credit card!) so it should come through as Dan Riley. We're prepared to wait and have it sent airmail, it should arrive before we leave for Auckland (in 20 days). There is one thing that would be really useful to know though and that is the exact dimensions of the hole so we can get the glazier onto the job before the catflap arrives (it's cheaper to get a new pane of glass). If you could let me know it would be much appreciated.

Thanks for all your help. We really do think your catflaps are superb and can't bear to settle for anything less.

Kind Regards